Training Classes

Power Pickle’s Ninja Training Program is designed to help bring out your full potential as a ninja athlete. It’s for the beginner looking to learn the basics, the intermediate who wants to advance to the next level, as well as the advanced and pro athletes looking to compete for national and international titles.

why train at power pickle?

Confidence You Can Count On

As students conquer obstacles they have been working towards for weeks and/or months, their confidence grows immeasurably! The physical and mental strength they gain transfers to all sports and puts them on a trajectory for success in life. We teach that “failure” is not bad, but rather an invitation and opportunity for growth.

Whole Body Strength & Awareness

Kids who train in ninja in addition to playing other sports (or begin ninja before starting other sports) report less burn-out, fewer injuries, stronger back, core and grip, increased speed, and better hand-eye coordination. They learn to trust their body and how it can move, resulting in success that is both sustainable and safe.

Mental Clarity & Strength

The ability to stay calm, problem solve amidst high stress, and persevere despite failure, are skills we each need throughout our lives. These skills are acquired as athletes navigate each obstacle course in class as well as in the competitive arena.

meet the coach

Meet Coach Shawn Mason, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist endorsed by FSU Coach, Ninja Warrior 40+ World Champion, and coach to over 75 athletes with top 3 Ninja Warrior Championship finishes. As an elite movement coach, he helps athletes develop agility, speed, strength, power, balance and flexibility for top tier, sustainable performance and enhanced body control.

“I love coaching and developing athletes and helping them realize
their athletic and mental potential!”
-Coach Shawn Mason

“I love coaching and developing athletes and helping them realize their athletic and mental potential!”
-Coach Shawn Mason



Beginner Ninja

is ideal for ages 6-12


Intermediate Ninja

ages 9+


Advanced Ninja

ages 12+


Adult Ninja

ages 17+

Here at Power Pickle, our Adult Strength & Conditioning Classes are comprised of foundational calisthenics, resistance training, and agility, speed, acceleration and anaerobic conditioning. With a heavy emphasis on rope training, from battle ropes to climbing ropes, and a focus on mastering calisthenics exercises, if your goal is elite movement and body control, this class is for you!

The band system

Power Pickle is proud to be the home of the originally developed Ninja Band System.
World renowned Coach, and Ninja Warrior 40+ World Champion, Shawn Mason, developed the wristbands which work like karate belts. Starting with white, kids advance to the next color as they meet specific skill requirements needed to reach the next level. Color levels determine the skills they will work to master in class and let you and your child know when they are ready to move up to more advanced training groups.

Learn more about each color here

private training

customize your
training experience

For the Ninja athlete who desires expert one-on-one training, tailored to your specific goals as an athlete, contact us a reserve a private training session with Coach Shawn Mason.

Contact us at:
(817) 565-5632 or info@powerpickle.com